High Performance Spunbond Cloth Face Masks

Protecting you and helping you protect others
Popup Products comfortable and easy-breathing cloth face masks are manufactured from lightweight, hypoallergenic non-woven spunbond fabric to provide a high level of protection, comfort, durability and safety peace of mind during this challenging Covid-19 pandemic.

Mask features

  • Non-woven spunbond fabric
  • Hypoallergenic and odourless
  • Soft, non-abrasive headband elastic
  • In accordance with the Department of Health requirements, our mask design fits close to the ears, covers mid-way up the bridge of the nose and fits snugly under the chin.
  • Washable and reusable
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Proudly 100% locally manufactured
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  • Light, soft, comfortable and easy-breathing non-woven spunbond fabric.
  • Fabric is hypoallergenic and will not cause allergies or exacerbate existing allergies.
  • Fabric is low-lint which is one of the reasons healthcare apparel and surgeons’ masks are manufactured in this fabric.
    • Lint typically shows up as fluffballs on fabric and deposits microscopic particles in the fabric weave where bacteria builds up. Low-lint greatly reduces the opportunity for infectious particle build up and cross-contamination.
  • In addition to being low-lint, our non-woven spunbond fabric face masks prevent condensation build up through breathing and increases hygienic benefits by significantly reducing the in- or outflow of infectious particles, such as the Coronavirus, in comparison to woven cotton.

Caring for your Face Masks

It is advisable to have a minimum of two masks so that you can wear the one while the other is in the wash.

  • Wash your mask daily in hot, soapy water.
  • Lightly wash branded masks (like you would a printed T-shirt) to avoid damaging the print.
  • Allow the mask to dry thoroughly.
  • Iron or steam-iron the mask on a low heat to ensure added protection from infection through heat application.
  • For branded masks, do not place iron directly on print.
  • NEVER lend your face mask to anyone.

Practice Good Hygiene

Face masks are a critical preventative measure to help keep you safe and to help you be responsible in keeping others safe, BUT they should be used in conjunction with excellent hygiene habits.

  • Use a hand sanitising product if possible.
  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Please remember to use water wisely.
    • Wet your hands then close the tap. Thoroughly soap your hands. Open tap to rinse.
  • Ensure your hand-drying towels are frequently washed and clean.
  • DO NOT TOUCH any part of your face especially not your mouth or mucous membranes of the nose.
  • Cough, sniff and sneeze into a tissue or your inner elbow. Safely throw tissues away.
  • Comply with social distancing guidelines and keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from others.
  • If you feel slightly under the weather or are ill, stay at home and self-isolate or arrange for a medical examination.
  • Be proudly responsible and encourage all members of your household and friends to do the same.
Be safe today and place your order

Colours available: Black, White or Emerald Green.

Print options: Unbranded or Branded. One colour print only.
Kindly note that printed face masks take a little longer to produce. You may choose to print your one colour logo or wording, or a combination of both. Due to the limited print space on the face masks, wording is be short – for example: Stay Safe. I’m Safe. Banish Covid-19.

Payment Terms

  1. Full payment for orders less than R 2,000.00
  2. 60% deposit for orders greater than R 2,000.00. 40% payment upon delivery.
  • Manufacturing commences on receipt of payment.
  • No refunds or returns on face masks.

Delivery Timing

  • We manufacture face masks to order.
  • Please allow 1 – 3 days from date of payment to despatch.
  • For bulk orders, delivery will be advised. Popup Products will always do our utmost to ensure a fast turn-around time.


  • Our face masks will be couriered to the delivery address you specify when placing your order.
  • Orders are currently only accepted from within South African borders.
  • Popup Products will only be able to service orders outside South African borders when the ban on exports is lifted.
  • Courier fees are based on weight and this will be determined by the quantity ordered.
Pricing and Order Quantities:

Unbranded Face Masks

* 50 unit minimum order *

Quantity Unit Price (ex VAT)
50 – 99 R22,00
100 – 199 R20,50
200 – 299 R19,20
300 – 499 R18,50
500+ R17,90

Branded Face Masks

* 100 unit minimum order *


Quantity Unit Price (ex VAT)
100 – 199 R40,00
200 – 299 R38,50
300 – 499 R35,00
500+ R32,00

Order Form

Face Mask Order

File types supported: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx

Thank you for responsibly choosing to be safe.

Popups production agility ensures ongoing employment while helping people stay safe

From having to close shop for Covid-19 lockdown, Popups swiftly pivoted from producing high performance portable branding to manufacturing spunbond non-woven face masks, thereby ensuring staff remain employed, can look after their families and continue to contribute towards the well-being of South Africa.

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